Thanksgiving Tunes from Me to You!

Silke Fernald Real Estate

Silke Fernald Real Estate and Big Deal Music would like you to enjoy this collection of songs about going home, being home or feeling at home wherever you are in the world.

 Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!

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1.  Part One - Homecoming- Ray LaMontagne
Writer: Ray LaMontagne
2.  I'm Comin Home - Ethan Johns & The Black Eyed Dogs
    Writer: Ethan Johns
3.  On Our Way Home - Daniel Martin Moore
    Writer: Daniel Martin Moore
4.  Almost Home - Aaron Espe
    Writers: Aaron Espe, Casey Black
5.  Home - Brad Tursi
    Writer: Brad Tursi
6.  The Valley - Ethan Gruska
    Writer: Ethan Gruska
7.  Home Again! - Menahan Street Band
    Writers: David Guy, Homer Steinweiss, Leon Michels, Nicholas Movshon, Thomas Brenneck
8.  Good To Be Back Home - Charles Bradley
    Writers: Charles Bradley, David Guy, Homer Steinweiss, Leon Michels, Thomas Brenneck, Victor Axelrod
9.  Family - Young Jazz Giants
    Writer: Kamasi Washington
10.  Right Where I Belong - The Constellations
    Writers: Andy Rose, Elijah Jones
11.  All Within the Family - Dylan Gardner
    Writer: Dylan Gardner
12.  Home for Dinner - Fort Lean
    Writers: Jake Aron, Keenan Mitchell, Sam Ubi, Will Runge, Zach Fried
13.  Little House Of Savages - The Walkmen
    Writers: Hamilton Leithauser, Matt Barrick, Paul Maroon, Peter Matthew Bauer, Walter Martin
14.  I Wanna Go Home - Marc Orrell
    Writers: Marc Orrell, Tim Bruns
15.  Coming Home To You (Warmer With Two) - Steph Jones
    Writers: Jess Cates, Mike Daly, Steph Jones
16.  Home At My House - Tim James
    Writers: Bradley Gaskin, Phil O'Donnell, Tim James
17.  Way Back Home - Hannah Blaylock
     Writers: Hannah Blaylock, Matraca Berg
18.  Hometown - Terence Ryan
    Writer: Terence Ryan
19.  The Road You Take - Court Yard Hounds
     Writers: Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, Martin Strayer
20.  Welcome Home - Joy Williams
    Writers: Joy Williams, Matt Morris